To be honest…

I’ve been struggling with every aspect of my life, including how to start a new blog post.

I guess I will just dive right in. 

In December, I had a bunch of labs drawn because I was really starting to feel a shift in the opposite direction I was wanting to shift…in fact, I was backsliding pretty rapidly. So, I had my LLMD (lyme literate doctor) order a bunch of tests along with another doctor that focuses quite a bit on hormones, but also has his hands on some lyme information too. Surely, between the two of them we could figure out why my health was rapidly declining, and we did get some answers.

Let me start with the good news first…drumroll….my lyme and my most nasty co-infection bartonella are inactive! That’s huge and I did a little mini celebratory dance in my head when he told me that. Now, for the bad news. I found out that my mycoplasma pneumoniae was through the roof, my C4A was extremely high, CD57 extremely low, my thyroid still isn’t working properly, I also had a lot of deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, my heart unfortunately is still very taxed and having issues keeping up (causing a high chance of stroke or heart attack), and my hormones were all over the place.

So what does all that mean? Well, in my opinion it means ALOT. I obviously still have one or more underlying issues. My labs showed symptoms…not a diagnosis. My labs were off as a result of something far more serious being wrong. But, what was wrong? Obviously, my immune system is extremely taxed but still functioning at some level even though my CD57 was only a 12 and it’s supposed to be over 300. However, I still knew something just wasn’t right. Something had changed.

Over the months I began to lose weight pretty quickly (especially for me). Not by choice, as I’ve always loved food, but I just couldn’t keep anything in. My body would reject everything. Nothing sounded good, tasted good, and I was always nauseous. I also began to have chronic migraines around the same time that my gut started acting up and the pain in my body had easily become a 10 again on the good ol’ pain scale. So, what was going on? I was so frustrated and desperate. My LLMD didn’t have much input at this point, and I felt that I was maybe at a point that he could no longer help me. So I turned to my other doctor that had ordered some of the labs in December and it was through him that he realized I had been exposed to MOLD.

Less than two years ago we had made the decision to move and change locations to be closer to family. We sold our home but then didn’t have anywhere to go because the housing market in our hometown is incredibly sparse. So, we moved into a rental home and we were there for about 6 months while we actively searched for a home to buy. As soon as we moved into the rental home I started to experience daily headaches and got random rashes that burned. The kiddos always seemed to be sick too. Then one day my hubby started getting headaches every morning when he would wake up. I knew something was making us feel bad, but at the time I didn’t know what it was. However, before we bought the house we are living in now something told me to get it checked for mold, and thankfully it came back negative. The only possible explanation of my mold exposure and the high C4A markers would be that we had all been exposed to mold for a short amount of time at the rental house. For most, this might not be a concern but with my already compromised immune system and my inability to properly detox, it was the perfect storm.

I started treatment for mold a month ago. It’s not been easy. It’s actually made me feel pretty sick and I have had to back down on how often I take the mold binder because it’s been hard on my system. I also have increased my supplements and prescription medicines way more than I would like, but at the moment I have to do what I have to do in order to function and survive. I don’t know how long I will be on the mold protocol as I will have to be retested often. I met with my doctor this last Monday and I have a few more mold specific tests that need to be completed, and so that means that my mold journey is really just beginning. My doctor gave me medicine this week for my migraines, nausea and inflammation. I know that all of these are bandaids in the sense that they aren’t fixing the problem, but right now I need these bandaids to function and I gladly welcomed them. I’m happy to report that I have already gained two pounds back this week.

In addition, I am also focusing quite a bit on any other possible underlying reasons why I my immune system is so taxed. I’ve come to find with the help of some friends, that many people suffer from cavitations. What is a cavitation? A cavitation is a hole in the bone, often where a tooth has been removed and the bone has not filled in properly. In the last several years, the term cavitation has been used to describe various bone lesions which appear both as empty holes in the jawbones and holes filled with dead bone and bone marrow. I am completely fascinated by this theory and after doing loads of research on it when my eyes would focus and I was migraine free, it seems that many of my issues/symptoms could be caused from this. Below is an awesome website that lists many of my lingering symptoms caused by infections that go unnoticed for long periods of time.

What are my next steps? I will be getting a CONE BEAM SCAN of my mouth/jaw to see if any of my fillings and wisdom teeth removal are causing any issues. After that, depending on what the results reveal, I will either be getting that taken care of by a biological dentist that focuses on cavitations, or I will be desperately researching again…back to square 137498. I have hope that the mold and my hidden infection will be the two missing pieces to my very complicated puzzle.

I do, however, still have plan Z. I’ve been doing about 10 months worth of stem cell research. It will be my last resort as I will have exhausted every single possible treatment out there and funds, but I know that God will find a way if I am supposed to go down that path.

If you are reading this…thank you. As always, I appreciate your support and love as it keeps me going a lot of days.

It’s a good thing I am stubborn because I will never give up my search for answers. 



2 thoughts on “To be honest…

  1. Christina, I am sorry for all the struggles you are having with your health. You amaze me how well you cope and how strong you actually are! I love reading everything you write. You have such a flare! Thanks for sharing your journey as I have learned so much from you and about you. You are a great witness sharing your faith in the Lord! Always praying for you, love you!

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