Genetics…just may save your life. 

Genetically speaking…I am a hot mess. I guess I have my family to thank for that. (Love you anyways) 😘

Who would have thought that this art loving, free spirited woman would ever be so interested in genetics and pathways and methylation. Homozygous vs. heterozygous. No, that’s not some rock band out there or a wrestler’s name…which I would have thought a couple years ago if we are going to be honest.  

Seriously though, if you are struggling mentally or physically and can’t seem to find the answers you are searching for than you need to check out 23andMe. I cannot emphasize how important this is!  
Do you take supplements but don’t notice a difference? For most people genetics doesn’t play a huge role in your everyday life, but for people that are struggling with chronic illnesses it could be the missing piece to your puzzle.  
Methylation, detox pathways, etc. are all so important to understand. Is this supplement good for you? Should you use this as a detox method? The list goes on…I received my raw genetic data and was completely amazed. I was literally doing things and taking things that ended up being harmful to me when I had good intentions the entire time. I would not have known my intolerance to sulfur existed which means no Epsom salt baths, foods high in sulfur, and no glutathione. For the non-nerdy people out there that get to live “normal” lives this probably means nothing to you, but in the world of chronic illness this speaks volumes.  
Why am I a naturally anxious person? Easy…genetics. No it’s not the way I was raised, it’s not because of my chronic Lyme disease even. Why am I a perfectionist? Because of my genetics. Why don’t I crave or like red meat? Genetics. Why did I get Lyme disease? Genetics. Why can’t I sleep good? Genetics. Why do I feel bad when I eat broccoli? Genetics. The list goes on and on.  
I cannot emphasize how much this digging into my genetic data has made my life so much easier. I now understand that I can’t take b12 or even methylated b12…I’m made for hydroxy b12. I have so many homozygous genes that I lost track, pages upon pages, and that means that my sweet little babies at least have one of each of those. Some of those traits won’t be harmful, but some of them could essentially set them up to be walking immune disasters, which petrifies me but I know it’s out of my hands. I have been religiously giving them vitamins already to help with some of these issues already. I am confident now about genetics and I feel that I am capable and able to make these educated decisions. I am now saving money because I got to reduce my supplement load, my body has to digest less supplements, and overall I am feeling healthier and healthier. It’s just another piece to my puzzle, but never have I been more thankful for science. (And this is coming from the girl that avoided it at all costs and only was interested in art for years)  

I don’t know about you, but I want to live for a long time and I want others to too. So, best advice out there. Check out 23andMe. You can get free interpretations or you can hire a genetics doctor, which is what I ultimately ended up doing.  


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