Living again…

This was the first weekend that I actually felt “normal” and it was wonderfully exhausting! 

I got to visit with some of my old high school friends Friday night. And my kiddos even got to see where Wes and I first met. It was so refreshing seeing people from my past welcome me with open arms and open hearts. I wish I could have stayed longer, but the fact that I actually was able to go on a Friday night and stay till 10:30 with both my kiddos was a real accomplishment in my book. I know to the average bear that probably means nothing, but to me, it meant the world.  

(Not pictured, but I was there…I promise)  

Then last night I got to visit my old stomping grounds in Effingham and spend the evening painting and laughing with all of my old coworkers. Just being around them made me miss teaching even more than I already do, and that part was tough, but I’m so glad I got to be a part of last nights painting party. It was great to hear some of those laughs that got me through some of the darkest and hardest times in my life. It was refreshing to hear stories about students and school, but also releiving in a sense to not have to be involved with the stressful side of being a teacher. The never ending paperwork, the ridiculous rules, the outrageous expectations as a teacher, the insane amount of grading, not near enough time for prepping, etc. That stuff, I will freely admit I don’t miss. But, my students and coworkers I miss them dearly. I miss helping them and showing them their full potential. I miss “Starbucks Friday” and “Restaruant Friday’s” and “Vocational Meetings” and just having a conversation with a fellow friend/coworker about life.  

No doctor talks, no Lyme disease talks, no talks about how I look, no talks about how I act, no talks about the future, it was just a carefree night of painting and laughter and it was just what I needed.  
Maybe I can get back to normal? Baby steps…I know, but I now have more hope than I have had in a long time. 
Am I exhausted? Of course. Do I regret this weekend? Never. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Did I have to make sure and not do much before hand to conserve energy? I sure did. 

But, it was worth it. 

So, just a little side note. Even though sometimes I can’t go to things or just am not feeling up to it, I am getting stronger and I am able to do more and more things. So, don’t forget about me when you are making your plans. I’m so glad my coworkers and friends didn’t this weekend.  



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