Exactly 181 days ago I wrote a blog titled, “I’m sure this will offend some..” and of course, it did. But, it also opened the eyes of the Newton community. I received very little backlash and I was prepared for the worst, but I actually had so much support from the community and most appreciated my honesty. 

Since then, that post has had 3,852 views as of this morning. In fact, it is my most viewed post. 

I am writing a new blog this morning to talk about a couple important things that I think the community needs to hear.  

Since, Mr. Cox left, I have received nothing but kindness and compassion from JCCU #1. 

In fact, I actually want to brag on the interim superindendent, Mrs. Holt. She was literally dropped into a huge, overwhelming mess when she was quickly hired after Mr. Cox left. She has handled her circumstances with grace and compassion. I have talked more to her in two months than I ever talked to Mr. Cox in the five years teaching there with him as my boss. (His favorite and only form of communication consisted of mailing me official letters quite frequently.)  

Mrs. Holt is genuine and will do great things for Newton. 

As stated before, Mr. Cox was literally a bully to me and my family. He caused us a huge amount of stress, grief, and made me sicker as it is proven that stress is a huge contributing factor to Lyme Disease flare ups.   


Putting that aside, I also want to brag on the school board. I know that they are learning the in’s and out’s of how things are to be done and that takes time, but I really believe they have the students’ best interest in mind. Granted, I am not working there this year as I am still on short-term disability, but I have heard good things and I believe that they will improve the moral and condition of the schools and the community. I was so hurt last year for the way I was treated, but I have a newfound hope for the schools and I think it’s time to pull together and support one another and turn things around.  

There will be growing pains. There will be ups and downs, but now there isn’t a robotic bully in charge of the future of the students’, teachers’, or the community moral. 

So, if you take away anything from this post, it’s this; Yes, there were severe struggles and I don’t believe the students were put first, but I do believe that they are now. 

Remember, it didn’t take a day to create the world, it’s not going to be fixed in a day either. It will take time but I see nothing but great things for JCCU#1 in the future. 

If this post offends anyone…


It’s meant to inspire and motivate…remember that the next time you get upset about the small stuff it’s probably not worth it in the end. It’s best to forgive and move on and best of all…live your life to the fullest! 



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