Is Lyme Disease taking over the world? 

I mean…seriously, is it taking over the world? 

In my opinion, this disease is starting to remind me more and more of AIDS. I hate to compare diseases ever, but the similarities are startling.  

I know it’s harsh and it may terrify some people to compare Lyme disease to AIDS/HIV but there are too many similarities to turn a blind eye. In the 80’s AIDS was founded. People discredited it. People shunned the disease and those infected. The disease, I believe, because of ignorance began to spread like wildfire. It became an actual pandemic.  
People always think, “that would never happen to me.” But, no one is above this disease or any other disease. There is no one in this world that has super powers. Eventually, people started getting HIV from dirty needles, blood transfusions, bodily fluids, open sores, etc. 

Now, Lyme Disease has not had enough research to verify some of these statements, but they are finding out more about it everyday. They know, that it can be passed to a child through pregnancy and also through breast milk. They also know, that it can be transferred to someone that has gotten a blood transfusion. Unknowingly, some people can have Lyme disease lay dormant in their bodies for years. So, all of those people who have been infected with lyme that donated blood have then given it to others through blood transfusions. There are no good tests out there at the moment that test blood for Lyme disease and blood transfusions. Some are saying it can even be passed through bodily fluids.  

Not only do we have to worry about people infecting other people, but we also have to worry about mice, ticks, mosquitos, spiders, and other insects or rodents that carry Lyme Disease and their nasty coinfections.  
Basically at this point, everyone should live in a bubble until the CDC pulls their heads out of their butts (really strongly wanted to use another word for butts, but I refrained). 

Is anyone seeing the resemblance yet? Because of years of ignorance, stubbornness, and greed people died from AIDS and it spread and killed so many people. Today, Lyme Disease is in the same boat. 

It can happen to you. It is everywhere. A day does not go by that I don’t talk to someone new that has recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and/or they think they have it. They are either seeking guidance, encouragement, and advice. Today, I talked to two women and one man who were just diagnosed or think they have it. Yesterday, I talked to another man. Everyone is scared and they have no idea where to start and what to expect. And that is because there are no specific universal protocols put into place, reliable and accurate testing, and adequate research and funding. Until Lyme Disease is recognized and a cure is found no one is safe from this. 

I’m not writing this to scare anyone. In fact, I’m writing this because I have hope. In the 90’s AIDS/HIV was finally recognized and accurate testing and preventable measures were taken place. Now, people live wonderful lives with HIV. I have hope that Lyme Disease is right around the corner. At least once a week a fellow Lymie that I have met through support groups dies. This cannot go on much longer. 

I have made it my goal to do as much as I can to help see this through. Not just because my kids are carriers, and my whole immediate family has it, but because we need people that have experienced Lyme disease at it’s worst and to be advocates for those that are too sick to fight this battle. We cannot forget why we are here. Religion or no religion, faith or no faith, we are on this planet to help others and to be good people. There is hope. But, there is also confusion, fear, lack of knowledge, and greed that are getting in the way of what this world really needs. We need compassion, knowledge, funding, and numbers. Everyone knows, knowledge is power and strength in numbers.  

I am going to fight for all of the lymies out there that can’t fight their own battles. Enough is enough. This has got to stop. I am so tired of seeing my loved ones, friends, and strangers suffer and live such stagnant lives because of this disease. 

I am off of my soapbox for now. I will be writing more often to keep people up to date of my journey. I still have a long way to go, but I am better than so many suffering that I am just thankful to be alive. 

We are stronger than we think. 

Always remember that.  



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