Big news! 

It’s the small stuff that gets me excited now a days. So when I say big news, it might not be that “big” to you, but it’s huge for me. 

I have been married to Wes for 8 years. After having our son, Parker, something happened and I could no longer wear my wedding ring without getting a rash where my ring was. So, for 4 years I wasn’t able to wear it and if I did, it could only be for a day or two before my finger broke out in red itchy hives.  


I was obviously upset, but figured it was from washing my hands so often since we had a newborn. That was my rationalization. 

I’m happy to report that halfway through my treatment I decided to put my ring on and I have been able to leave it on ever since! Like I said, it’s the small things. 

But, to me, my wedding ring represented so many things in my life and I was proud to be Wes’ wife and I felt like I couldn’t show it through the one thing that represented our wedding day and our commitment to one another.  


I know material items don’t represent true love or commitment, but it was a way for me to say, “I’m committed, I’m taken, I’m not a single mother of two kids, I do have a husband, and I love him very much.”  

So, Lyme, you may have hurt me in more ways that I can keep track but as I continue to improve and make progress you are not going to defeat me or my family. This ring is staying on and that is a fact! 

sayonara rash…



One thought on “Big news! 

  1. So pretty, christina. Mine always broke out from haircolor. Thus leaving it off for 2/3 days. Haven’t worked for 2 weeks. Lookin’ GOOD. Went for a drive up a mountain tonight — 1st fire at 4:30pm today. 3 years ago fire destroyed most every house we saw on this moutain — rebuilt today. Chilling but beautiful again. Take care. Do not let this move get to you. Iknow about that having just done that . We have at least another week. Love you all.

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