Okay, so I know I complain and I will be the first one to admit it. But, since this journey has taken place I have learned what is worthy of complaint and what isn’t. I still struggle at times, but then I think to myself, “is this really that big of a deal, should I really be complaining?”   

With that being said, I know this may offend some people, but there is so much complaining in this world that in my eyes most of it is either unworthy of complaint or just plain rude and ungracious. I know this is just my opinion, but it’s really been bothering me.  

Perhaps I need to “unplug” from social medias. Maybe that would help? But, every time a parent complains about their children I cringe. Some people can’t even have kids, and so many people with kids complain constantly about them! It’s so sad. Be grateful. Be appreciative. I know my kids can press my buttons and wear me down even if I wasn’t a sick person, but now my perspective has changed and even those bad days or days where I feel like I could pull my hair out, I now realize I am one of the luckiest people alive. Shame on me for ever complaining about their fits or tantrums. That is how they grow and learn, and it is how us, as parents, learn too.  

When I see people complain of bad hair days, their lack of junk food, maybe they are hungover, their car is a piece of crap, their parents won’t let them go out, their kids are driving them insane, they can’t find a job, etc. this all just drives me nuts! Be grateful you at least have food, be grateful for your health, be grateful you aren’t bald, be grateful you have parents that care, be grateful for your children, be grateful you have a car, be grateful you have friends to get drunk with, be grateful that there are jobs out there and you probably just aren’t looking hard enough, be grateful that you are alive.  

Please don’t take anything for granted because everything can be taken away from you with a blink of an eye. I am the first to admit I am weak and I catch myself complaining…mostly in my head, but then I quickly remember how short life is and how grateful I am to be able to live it.  

So, I guess if you were to take away anything from this blog on a soapbox is this, REALLY ASK YOURSELF, is this worth complaining about in the grand scheme of things?  



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