So much is happening! 

Okay, well first of all…I am excited to report that each day I get stronger and better. I still have to take it easy, but things are getting easier for me. I still don’t have my routine down yet and it’s hard to get everything done that needs to be done, but I pick and choose my battles.  

My kids are constantly changing. I have missed out on some important milestones with Amelia and as she gets older she reminds me more and more of myself. We are in trouble! 😉 

Parker is getting so big and independent. He still is pretty clingy to Wes and I, but I sure don’t blame him one bit.  

  Eating the foods I need can be a challenge. I’ve noticed that I just don’t eat if I don’t have something good for me or if I’m too tired to fix something. The gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and low glycemic fruits can be challenging. But, so far I’ve lost 20 lbs and even though that’s not why I’m doing it, it is an added bonus to be able to fit into some of my smaller jeans. I will be one of the healthiest sick people around. 😁😷 Now, I see things so differently. There are so many toxins in this world. Not just in our food, but in make up and lotions and soaps, etc.  

I went to a chiropractor today so the doctor appointments have begun. They will keep me very busy. 

There are so many other things going on in my life right now. Some are scary and some are exciting, but I can’t say what they are yet. I promise I will blog about them as soon as I can.  


Also, just this week I have helped four people suffering from lyme and I just feel so blessed to have the knowledge, experience, strength, and educational background to help. What a blessing! So many are out there suffering and struggling. I pray that one day we will have a cure, doctors will recognize it, and that insurance will cover treatment. Please pray for my Lymie friends and warriors because this journey is rough and challenging and just this week another person passed away from it. Overall though, things are good. We are adjusting and getting through this. We know we are protected by God no matter what. It’s refreshing to have a positive post and outlook. I’m so glad that I took that leap of faith and sought out treatment. I can’t even imagine where I would be today if I hadn’t. I know some of my friends don’t believe in God and that is your choice and I still love and respect you, but God has definitely been guiding me in the right direction and giving me the strength to carry on. If I didn’t put my complete trust in him, I wouldn’t have gotten the help I needed. Some of you could say…I just followed my instincts, but anyone can follow their instincts. It takes  a lot of faith to leave your own family for almost 10 weeks without a penny to spare, and to come home feeling like a new person and being able to pay your bills as they come in. That my friends…is priceless.  

Once again, thank you my friends, family, and complete strangers for helping this happen. I will not let you down! 



3 thoughts on “So much is happening! 

  1. What wonderful news. So happy that you are feeling better. What a blessing that through this experience you are able to help others. Praise The Lord for this! Can’t wait to see you! 😘😍

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    1. Christina was so happy that your first week home was going pretty well. Soon you will find that your routine will become just another part of your day. We are so proud of you and all that you have achieved, by all the awareness you have brought too so many people. Your daily routine is pretty much the same as your Uncle Bobs. Never wonders what to do, his day pretty much just to feel better. Like you he say he too is pretty much a sick healthy person. We have been gluten for about a year now . That has helped. Know we love you and send you many hugs to you and yours

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      1. Love you guys too! I wish we lived closer. I feel like Uncle Bob and I could trade secrets and ideas. We are so similar! I love you guys. Miss you all the time. Thank you for everything.


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