Don’t let a few bad apples…

spoil the rest. And that’s just what I did.  


We all know the lack of support I received from a few people during this journey, and instead of letting them ruin my healing process I just threw them out. And, I’m so glad I did! Because, even though there were a couple rotten apples in my life that let me down, it didn’t mean that there weren’t beautiful ones just waiting to lift me up. In fact, I have never felt SO loved, humbled, supported, and appreciated as I have during this journey.  

I know that insurance companies, the CDC, and most doctors don’t believe in chronic Lyme disease or are actively denying it for personal gain, but never once did I ever feel like my friends or family ever doubted me. You all have been amazing. You have helped out my family both financially and physically. You have helped me out by believing in me and showing your support through cards, texts, benefits, gifts, emails, prayers, etc. and I know that has been a huge part of my healing.  

              I am going home with a tremendous amount of love and support. Once again, it’s the small things that we often take for granted and I have learned through this process to never take them for granted again. I am blessed beyond belief. I just want to thank anyone and everyone a million times for your endless support. It’s kept me going and it will be something that will continue to keep me going. I will cherish these memories forever, even though some of them have been the most painful and trying, but without them I wouldn’t have been able to grow or continue to heal.  








Envita has been my answer, but it couldn’t have been without the support of all of you. Fortunately, I have made many friends and some feel like family now. I have learned so much about my health, my body, and my future. But, I know I couldn’t have done this without my friends and family at Envita, or without the support of all my family and friends back home. If it wasn’t for Envita’s state of the art treatments, and protocols I know I would still be home sick and useless. The nurses and doctors have been great and so patient with me. The other patients have been even better because finally there are people out there just like me! I knew I wasn’t alone, but this experience just confirmed that fact, and now I have a great support system in the Lyme world, as well.   





I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I will be healthier and happier than I have been in years. I can’t wait to start living my life again. I will have roadblocks and detours along the way, but I am ready for them. I’m equipped now and I know what to expect and how to try my hardest to stay afloat. It will be a lifestyle change, not just for me, but for my entire family. 

Thank you for everything my dear friends, family, fellow Lymies, doctors, nurses, and even complete strangers. 

I can’t wait to one day to pay it forward.  



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