Life keeps going…

So, this weekend I developed a cough and a fever. My mom was sick last week and unfortunately, she gave it to me. We both have some nasty infections that we are both fighting right now. I could get mad…I’ve come this far and now I get sick right before I leave? But, there is a reason for this and I don’t know why this is happening, but alas it has happened and my mom and I both feel pretty crappy. I’m worried to bring home these germs and infections for my little ones so I have to make sure I get it under control before I leave. God is definitely testing my limits.  


But, I will get through this and so will my mom. We are tough, we are fighters, and we haven’t come all this way to let a couple infections get us down. I will admit I’m not close to being packed yet. I thought by now I would be packed and ready to go but I have absolutely no energy! It’s scary because they keep telling me that the first month I will crash, well I already feel like I’m crashing, so what will this coming month bring for me? Will I crash harder and further? Or, will I have already crashed that there won’t be much room for me to crash anymore? No one knows, but God.  

I DO know that I am ready to come home either way. I cannot believe all the milestones that I missed in 9.5 weeks! In retrospective, that’s not really very long, but in mommy terms, it’s been an eternity. I cannot wait to cuddle, and kiss, and play with my little ones! Also, I cannot wait to see the hubby. I have had such a blessed opportunity to be able to receive this treatment and such a newfound respect for life and the little things.  


If you have not learned anything through my journey, I hope that you take away with you two things: that life is too short so don’t take anything for granted. Like showers, running, walking, your health, your family, and your faith whether you believe in God or not, I know I have some friends that don’t, but to be able to have faith in something is so important. Also, don’t ever give up! There is always something worth fighting for. I will never give up educating people on Lyme disease and tick awareness. I will remain an advocate and continue to remind people of how sick they can get from such a little insect. So, please protect yourself and your family. Look for ticks if you have been outside. Remove them safely with tweezers and keep the tick to be sent off for research to see if it contains Lyme or other coinfections and then get on an antibiotic ASAP! You can cure it if you treat it fast enough, so you don’t end up like me…fighting for my life.  

I will continue to blog. My journey really has just begun. It is a very dedicated, complicated, and complex path that God has chosen me to walk and I will do my best not to let Him or anyone else down.  



3 thoughts on “Life keeps going…

  1. You are so strong and I am so proud of you! I am thankful that you are blogging your journey to help others! Take care and see you soon!! We are praying for you!

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    1. Sure, the most reliable place is in California at the Igenex labs. They have a website and a phone number. They are the most accurate. Also, they can tell you if the tick had Lyme, co-infections, and other bacteria.


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