A sigh of relief…

So, I played off the infection thing I was going through last week towards the end of the week like it was no big deal. But, we were actually really worried and freaked out that it could be a deadly and very serious infection in my intestines. We also knew we would have to wait till today to find out what my cultures showed. To be honest, I was scared. It was just one more thing to worry about, one more thing to fight, one more thing to stop my treatments, and potentially one more thing that could be very expensive to fix. I am so happy and blessed to report that all my cultures came back negative, which means I actually had the flu!   

I have never been more happy to hear that I had the flu. I have never wanted the flu as bad as I have the past few days. I never would have thought that with all the meds I’m on, that I could even get the flu right now, but of course, my immune system is compromised and always has been so it actually makes sense. 

My mom and I had ahuge epiphany today. The doctors were pretty sure on Friday that I had C. Diff and that I needed to be prepared for what was to come. So the whole weekend neither one of us really talked about it, but we prayed a lot about it. Today, we realized we weren’t even praying that I didn’t have it, we were both praying that the treatment for it went smoothly, that it wouldn’t prolong my Lyme treatment, that we would have good attitudes, when the whole time we should have been praying for God to heal me and for this to not be serious.     We really had been praying for the wrong thing, and we neither one of us had peace about it. Of course, it’s just obvious to me that once again God is in control and we can’t ask for things, and we sometimes don’t even pray for the right things, but He knows. He knows what I needed and he knows what’s going to happen before we could even begin to imagine.  

I’m just so blessed and happy to be in a place that takes care of me and does a thorough job of making sure I’m okay. I already know life is short, we take things for granted everyday, and we don’t take care of ourselves like we should, but today just reiterated the fact that I am blessed to be alive and blessed that I continue to get better.  



2 thoughts on “A sigh of relief…

  1. You have grown in your spirit in leaps and bounds and that’s because God has been refining you through all these situations that you have gone through and continue to go through. You have learned to depend more upon Jesus than upon yourself and this is a difficult thing to do. God is and will continue to use you to reach out to the so many who are sick with this terrible disease. You have a passion for others who are in need and this is what this world needs more of.

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