My families…


What is family? :a people or group of peoples regarded as deriving from a common stock.

Envita is slowly becoming another family of mine. I have my own blood family, church family, work family, and now Envita family.  

We help take care of each other and the patients and staff have become the only consistent factor in my life right now. It doesn’t matter if I feel like crap or feel great, they are always there. I’ve become pretty close to some of the staff and patients. Some have Lyme and some have Cancer. 

Neither of these diseases would I wish upon my worst enemy. I see people struggle mentally and physically, I see people that are unable to walk or talk. I see…that it can always be worse. I  am blessed to not be as sick as some. 

All of this has been a huge learning and growing experience. I find myself now helping the “newbies” that come in, like one nice lady did for me on my first day. We all can relate to one another. We all have good days and bad days. I even talk on the phone with another patient. And, if any of you know me, you know I don’t like talking on the phone but it’s so nice to be able to relate to these people. Swap stories, advice, suggestions, and ideas. 

I will miss my new family when I return home. I worry about them all and pray for them. This week one of my friends hasn’t been in at all and she has cancer, I hope she is okay and I find myself thinking of her often. It’s amazing in such a short time how close I have become with them. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO ready to come home, but I will miss them very much. 

Obviously, no one can replace my hubby and P and A, but there is something comforting about sitting in a group of people all suffering but we laugh and tell stories and try to find the good in all of this. They have been my support system out here, and I am so thankful. Of course, my mama has played a huge role in that as well, but she also has become friends with them and considers a lot of them family too.  


My good friend Kaysha, she is a Lymie. 


The Ozone Sauna-where you feel like a rotisserie chicken. It’s hot!


My favorite nurse, Miss Destiny. 


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