Moving forward…

Well, after several hours of crying today and for lack of a better term…feeling sorry for myself, I picked up the pieces of my heavy heart and moved forward.  

  Mom and I decided to go to Butterfly World, which was very cool. I also thought it was somewhat symbolic…these beautiful butterflies were once not so pretty caterpillars and cocoons. It’s a lot like this disease, I’m not so pretty right now especially internally, but hopefully one day I will become a beautiful healthy butterfly. It might sound corny, but I found peace today with that thought.  

   I know there will be better days. A good friend of mine suggested to just take one day at a time, and to not focus so much on the future, at this time. I thought that was good advice. Then a family member suggested I not play the “what if” game, again good advice. I don’t know where I would be without all of you guys praying, sharing encouraging words, and just being so supportive for me. Even though I am so far away from everyone, today I felt surrounded by love.  

 Thank you for believing in me and for thinking I am strong. I think sometimes you all give me way too much credit. 💗


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