Science nerd on the loose…

So I had my follow up with my doctor this week and I have to say…I am one interesting, but blessed specimen. 😜Warning-this blog could potentially be a bit nerdy of me, but what I found out was mind blowing and so interesting!  


I have to be honest, I haven’t always appreciated science like I should, but since becoming sick it’s obviously become a huge part of my life. I just needed the dumbed down version “can you draw me a picture?” report and I finally got them this week. I finally understand so much about myself, and it’s an empowering yet refreshing feeling. Much like Richard Simmons! Lol 


I need to first acknowledge something HUGE…since I’ve been at Envita the doctors are amazed by the fact that I got pregnant easily and had two healthy children. I could never understand why they were so amazed until they begin to tell me things about myself after numerous test results.

Let me explain…

First of all, I only have one working ovary, a tilted uterus, a progesterone level of basically a grandma (no offense grandma), and I have two gene mutations (one that causes miscarriages and neural tube defects.) Ask yourself, should I have been able to have two beautiful children with all of these things going against me? Absolutely NOT. They are without a doubt, the direct and obvious blessings from God. There’s no other way to explain it. Period.  


Secondly, they found out I was deficient in some micronutrients. So, now I am on supplements for them along with my treatments. I think I take about 40 pills a day, along with some liquid meds, but if it works I will do it!  


Thirdly, this genetic mutation thing I have going on is so fascinating to me. In fact, I went ahead and did 23&Me, which tests all your genetic makeup. It basically tells you why you are the way you are. There is SNP for that. It’s a small piece of a gene that explains why I have brown eyes, why I’m left handed, why I don’t like seafood, but it also explains serious stuff. Why I was predisposed to Lyme, why I can’t rid my body of toxins like other people, why I am so sick, why I should have had miscarriages. It’s so interesting. I know I sound nerdy, but it was just really enlightening and hopeful to get these answers. It explains why I was getting worse so much faster, but most importantly, it will help me in the future know what I should and shouldn’t eat, what I should and shouldn’t take supplement wise, or medication wise. My body cannot metabolize somethings like your body can. Now, that I have knowledge, here comes my power. I now know how to deal with this when I get home. How to properly detox from my Lyme die-off. What foods I should avoid now that I know which ones will turn into toxins and make me sick. And as a result, I’m in control, and I love that!  I am posting a super awesome article written about this whole thing below. 

Gene Mutation Article


Fourthly, they told me my organs are all currently functioning properly it’s just the toxins are getting in the way of them actually being able to do their jobs. My toxins are a brick wall that has set up shop in my body and I have to chisel away at it. What a relief it was to hear that I didn’t have permenant damage! What a relief it was to hear that as soon as I rid myself of all of these nasty toxins my body will start to operate again, like normal. I will have to be insanely strict with my regimen and protocol when I get home, but it’s hopeful and worth it.  


Last but not least, they said I am right on track with the program. They are impressed with my dedication and they think I am definitely on the road to recovery. I would have to agree with them because this week I have seen little glimpses of my old self, glimmers of hope, and moments of energy and excitement that I haven’t seen in over a year.    


So, to sum it up. I’m even more blessed than I could have ever imagined. I now like science. AND, I am on my way to recovery.  


Oh, and I am stronger than I ever thought possible. I give a lot of credit to God, but I also give a lot of credit to my friends and family. I have so much more strength because of you guys. You will never know how much you are helping me and I will never be able to repay you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  



2 thoughts on “Science nerd on the loose…

  1. Christina, This is such good news to hear! this story proves God does miracles,Blessing you with 2 healthy beautiful kids and is continuing to Bless you with recovery! Stay strong, so many people are praying for your full recovery. Thanks again for sharing as you educate the rest of us with science and the working of God!!


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