Blessed or cursed…or both? 

As I sit here and write this I am feeling both saddened and blessed. I am saddened because today I heard a 45 year old man say, “that he used to pray for cancer instead of lyme because people acknowledged it’s exsistance.” How sad it is that a grown man, married with kids, prayed for cancer? And, how sad is it that I can totally relate to him?   


Lyme disease is a horrible, intelligent disease. It’s tricky. It’s hard to test for, it’s hard to treat, and it’s even harder to explain what the body goes through when you have it. I will always hate my disease, but it is already blessing me in ways that I couldn’t be more grateful for.   

For instance, tonight I got to speak to a man over the phone that lives around my hometown and I got to tell him all about Lyme disease. What it does, how it effects you, how to get tested, and so on. And without a doubt, I know that this incredibly nice man has Lyme disease. How unfortunate, but when he gets his tests back he will finally have the answers he been looking for. I pray that he has peace. I was so glad that I was able to help him. Help him find the right path to follow, point him in the right direction, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I didn’t have this disease myself. Someone else last week I know, found out they had Lyme disease and told me they only got tested because of me.  


I know I’m pushy, sometimes overly obnoxious about spreading awareness, but I like to think that God gave me this opportunity so that I can help others get better. I know I couldn’t help myself get better, I was just too sick, but I’m able to help other people and that is such a blessing to me!  


It’s so prominent in Illinois that it is absolutely terrifying to me! I can think of loved ones that I think have it, but how do I tell them that they should be tested? I’m not a doctor. I’ve just…been there done that. I pray that God gives me the strength to continue this fight, to help me help others, and to get this disease in remission so that I can focus on others instead of myself. I know in my head I need to focus on myself, but my heart always tells me differently. I guess it was the way I was made. One of my biggest strengths and biggest downfalls, I suppose. 

So, today is a day of sadness and hope. Blessings and curses.  



I thought I would share some funny pictures of “me” while my students went to New York and Philly. It looks like they had a blast and I got to be there afterall! 




2 thoughts on “Blessed or cursed…or both? 

  1. Christina you are educating and helping so many people! You are a blessing to many; some you will probably never even know. For me its a blessing to see how you are letting God’s work shine by allowing Him to use you. Thank you for continuing to share even through the hardship you are so gracefully enduring! God Bless!!

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