A day in the life…

A day in the life of a treatment center patient. 

Wake up, feeling sore and tired. Throw some clothes on that makes acessing my port easy. Drink a shake, it’s like sludge. It’s disgusting and you don’t want to know how much it costs.  


(This is what I have to deal with during the week.)

  (This is what it look like now deaccessed for the weekends.)

Then I take  a handful of supplements, headache meds, and nausea meds. 

Then I get into the car with lots of snacks (keeps you from throwing up during the day) finish my sludge shake on the way there. Gag.  


Then I walk in and I’m ready to start at least 5-10 bags of IV’s. Get my blood sugar lowered to less than 40 so the antibiotics are more effective. See a chiropractor to open up my spine. Do some crazy things on what I call the “torture chamber” table with the chiropractor. But I have two twists in my spine so no wonder neck and back have so much pain! Take another handful of pills. Now, I’m really sore. Reminder, don’t barf. 

Do infared saunas for 30 minutes. Do coffee enemas, don’t ask unless you really want to know. Try not to barf. See a colonic specialist once a week. Again, don’t ask unless you want to know. Don’t barf. Take another handful of pills. 

Come home exhausted. Can’t get my port access wet so showers are difficult. Washing my hair is difficult. Eating is tiring. Everything is tiring. Can only sleep on my back or one side because my port still hurts. Barfing sensations have usually gone away by now. But, now it’s bedtime. But not before I take some more pills! 

Sleeping is something people take for granted, unless you battle with insomnia…then I’m sure you can relate.  Along with baths, walking comfortably, having energy, eating the foods you love, and washing your hair. I will never ever take any of them for granted again!  


In the end, I will be healthier. Probably healthier than I have ever been. But, when this is all said and over I will have to take it easy. I can’t push myself and I have to slowly transition into all of the things a wife, worker, friend, and mother need to do. It will take time. But, I know that and there is no way I can go back. So, total compliance and being strict is key to my success after my treatment.  


It always makes me laugh because people are wanting to know if I’m enjoying the sites or doing anything fun out here. Of course, they don’t know better, but what I’m really doing out here is trying to survive with a good attitude. That’s it.  


Right now, I’m too tired and weak to do anything fun. But, my hopes are that I will be able to enjoy this beautiful state towards the end of my treatments when I start to feel better.  


I just thought maybe some of you were curious about what I’m doing. Basically, they are aggressively killing my lyme and coinfections and also aggressively having me detox, which is so important because if I can’t properly rid my body of the die off (or toxins) than I can get REALLY sick.  The perks of the herx, as one of my friends says. 😝



4 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. Your “smoothie” looked truly gross! I don’t know how you keep going, but I promise to keep praying for you every day and maybe that will help! I miss your smiling face at school and I am so glad I can read your blog and stay in touch with you. Hang on, sweetie, it has to get better!

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  2. I wish I could take away all of your pain but I cant so I will keep praying for you and your family. Some times we have to do things we don’t want to do but we do them to get us better and YOU will and will be better than ever. We all love you and cant wait to see you. Just get better. I know GOD is and will always be at your side. I know that.

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  3. Warrior!!! We’re all rooting for you Christina! Do what you have to do to get better, you have a lot of exciting things in your future! As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to help xoxox

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