New York, New York🎶🎶🎶

Well, tomorrow would have been the big trip to New York and Philly with my students. The Art Club and History club put our lovely brains together and figured, “the more the merrier, let’s combine a trip!” So, we worked hard this year to raise money and promote it. I had to give up my place due to my obvious circumstances, but I’ve got an awesome teacher going in my place! Yeah, Mrs. Walker! 


But, I’m still sad, and even a bit jealous I can’t go. The group of students going will be so much fun and the trip sounds amazing! They are even going to see the Cake Boss….yum, cake. 


I want to wish them all good luck and safe travels. I hope you all make the most of it, take tons of pictures, and realize how blessed you are to have this opportunity and know how hard Mr. Ervin and Mrs. Walker worked to make this happen. Also, I know a lot of you guys worked hard fundraising your little butts off, so enjoy it! You all deserve it. 


I also made them a little gift while they are on their trip, so hopefully they will have fun with it and know that I am there with them in spirit. 


Safe travels! 

Much love,

Mrs. Wise 


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