So here’s the deal…

I’m feeling like death ran over me, and then stomped on me, and then ran over me again laughing the entire time. I’m not in the mood to blog but I need a distraction.  


So, what that being said. I’m really anxious about the big vote tomorrow in Newton. I hope people are educated enough to make thoughtful, wise, and honorable decisions when they vote. So many school districts are suffering financially…it’s just so unfortunate.  


I also hope that some things change with tomorrow’s outcome and that maybe eventually we can start to turn things around, or at least start to hold people accountable. I think people are ready for a change, that seems pretty obvious to me.  



So good luck to everyone! I will pray that you all have wisdom grace and I will continue to pray for our administration, teachers, and students.   


2 thoughts on “So here’s the deal…

  1. Been thinking of you! Remember …..there are perks to the herx…LOL! So your misery tells me those lymie buggars are dying! Keep fighting! 🙂

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