If I could use one word to sum up the day…

it would be shitastic. 

It was a mixture between shitty and fantastic, and sorry if my language offends anyone but let me explain myself before you get all bent out of shape please! 

It was fantastic for many reasons, I got to use my port, it worked great, I got the meds and IV bags I needed to fight the little lyme a-holes, I took a nap, I had an appetite, I met a lady there being treated for cancer and she is a pro and shared all her wonderful tips and tricks with me, and once again, I finally started treatment, they had meds to keep me from puking, I saw how the meds are working on people that have been there awhile (super promising), I was able to move around, and the weather was gorgeous!!!!    


It was shitty because we had to wait two hours before being treated, short staffed, (both not normal and won’t happen again), my port hurt like hell getting the IV in, I thought I was going to puke two different times, im still sick to my stomach, the one antibiotic hates my body and treats me terribly, I saw how horrible this disease is today to some other people and it makes me so mad that there isn’t a cure!  


So…overall it was a shitastic day. 

Sorry grandma if you are reading this and don’t like my language. It was just a cuss kind of day too. Mom has been great, my rock, and I’m so thankful for her and this opportunity no matter how hard it gets.   


Thanks for reading! I’ll keep you all posted. We move into our new condo tomorrow (much cheaper) and it has two bathrooms! That’s a big deal guys. 

Side note—my two brave mini me’s took their bite out of Lyme for mommy and boy were they troopers! I’m so proud of them. In the video my daycare provider took I hear P in the background saying, “MAN UP” to all the other daycare kids. Too funny! 



2 thoughts on “If I could use one word to sum up the day…

  1. Just before Bob started to record; I told the kids we were doing this for Christina Wise–Parker yelled with both hands high in the air–“Yea, that’s MY mom!” so sweet

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