If encouragement could cure me, I would have been cured today…

Envita is a great place. It’s the place that I’m supposed to be. 

Yes, the flights got delayed, and yes I am exhausted but that treatment center gave me a boost of energy that I didn’t think I even had anymore just from pure hope, enthusiasm, and most importantly encouragement. 

Today, I met with a doctor and he was wonderful. He really listened and spent about two hours basically going over my symptoms and which treatments he recommended and why he did, etc. Also, I found out something extremely interesting. I believe it’s a big key to why I can’t get better. In all the years this center has been open I had the highest number they have ever seen for neurotoxins. 

Neurotoxin: Any substance that is capable of causing damage to nerves or nerve tissue. For example, arsenic and lead are neurotoxins.

Then, my personal care coordinator, Dan showed me around a bit and helped explain things even more in depth. He and I had already been communicating a lot through email and spoke several times last week over the phone and he was everything that I expected and more. He listened too and was so helpful. 

Side note: they have Doterra diffusers that they use throughout the facility to help their patients. I told you guys, this stuff is for real and awesome!!! Plus, I am fully taking that as a sign that if its good enough for them it’s good enough for me and that Envita was where I was supposed to be. And to top it off, a lady that works there was in tears because I smelled like one of the old patients (I had a special blend on that I made myself, so what were the odds?) that she got really close to during her stay, and it was just another sign of what God can do. I think she will be randomly smelling me. Which I’m totally fine with, by the way.  πŸ˜„


So, then they wanted to test me today for metals, which I have never been tested for. Apparently, if my mother was exposed to Mercury, lead, etc. She could have passed that down to me while I was in her womb even though maybe I’ve never even been around them. It’s just so interesting!  

So, they hooked me up two different IV bags and gave me a shot to help my kidneys function. The one IV was gross and made me feel bad and I could even taste it somehow. Yuck. But I’m fine now. But, for the next 12 hours I have to collect me urine so then they can test it for metals. 


PS, I also want mom to get tested when I start to feel better. We might as well while we are out here. 

Then they sent us to our hotel. Tomorrow, I am getting a full spinal X-ray in depth, and also getting a TON of blood taken. Then, we found out that condos are cheaper out here than even the discounted hotel rates so we are going to look at one. Then tomorrow night I am meeting with one of my favorite cousins who I never get to see and we are going out to dinner. Still, what are the odds that one of my cousins would be just a few miles from us!?!?! God’s plan….Duh. 

  This picture really doesn’t do Arizona any justice and I promise I will take better ones, but the artwork and the landscaping here are beautiful. Not to mention the weather! Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m normal and like this is a vacation. I know it’s stupid but it helps. I know there are some days I won’t be able to appreciate any of this while I’m here, so I have to do it now. Even though I feel bad, but not as bad as I will feel. 


PSS, please pray for my mama. She seems awfully tired, stressed, exhausted, and I hope she doesn’t read this because she would kill me because she hates to admit she’s weak. But, I just need her to be okay. I worry about her and her health and she’s the master of all “fakers” so it’s hard for me to tell if she’s just tired or not feeling good. So, either way I would appreciate it. 


That’s all for now. Lexy, if you are still reading this I am throughly impressed. πŸ˜‰ 

Thanks again for everyones’ endless support!!!! I have the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for. 


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