Are we there yet? 

So, after a two and a half wait at Champaign (on the plane the entire time, with the rudest flight attendant I might add) because of snow we finally reached Chicago to realize what we had already thought….we had missed our next flight. So, with some vigorous wheelchairing around what seemed like all of O’Hare we finally got another plane ticket scheduled for 8:15 pm. But now, unfortunately, I am sitting here watching the departure time keep getting extended. I know it’s completely out of my hands, but today has been very trying for us. I’m exhausted both emotionally and physically. My big doctor appointment is in the morning and now the sign says we aren’t leaving until 10 pm. I have literally been traveling all day long. We will have to get our luggage, which I pray are there when we finally do arrive in Arizona, and then we will have to take a taxi to our hotel. I imagine if nothing changes at this moment we will arrive at our hotel around 2:30 Arizona time and 4:30 am Illinois time. But, I have to remember it is worth it and I am on a mission and nothing can stop me. It’s not even my schedule to complain about, I’m on God’s time and he’s got this under control. The warm sun on my face tomorrow morning will be wonderful despite the whole reason I am there. I think I am going to pretend as long as I can, that it’s a vacation because that sounds so much more exciting than a treatment facility. 

Side note: I found out today that my cousin and her family are on a mini vacation out there before she does something extremely heroic and honorable. She is going to be giving one of her kidneys to a good friend of her’s that would die without it. I’m so proud of my family and I know that God had a hand in this because what are the odds that I would be seeing a loved one during the same time as my treatment in the same town? 

We have met some very nice people nut also some very rude people. I would give you details but I have got to go to bed!  


Missing this guy already. 


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