Saying goodbye. Ugh. 

Wow, was that hard this morning. The hubby went to work and the kids went to daycare, but we woke up extra early and all laid together loving every moment of it. 

We thought it was best if we kept the routine normal and just told P that mommy was going on a vacation to get some rest. He was sad but got over it pretty quickly thank goodness. 

My dad is driving mom and I to the airport. I had to pack two checked bags. One with all my meds which was over 50 bottles, cleansing and detox things, a blender, and anything else that they required. It’s just insane!!!!!

The other was filled mostly with sweats, tanks, shorts, and anything else comfy and easy to access my port. 

It still doesn’t seem real. But, all and all I’m excited. This journey is just beginning and I can’t wait for the wild ride.  





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