It’s Official! 

God has finally opened our eyes and grabbed our hands and led us down a very scary, but extremely promising path. 

Everything has fallen into place and it just seems like it’s obvious this is where I am supposed to go. 

So, on Monday, March 23, I will be traveling with my mom to Scottsdale, Arizona. Then, Tuesday morning I will meet with a specialist and sometime that week I will get my port installed. 

Then the fun begins. (Said sarcastically) I will be pumped full of goodies both antibiotic and all natural heomopathic, throughout the days at Envita. I will get many tests done and they will find out the reason why I’m not getting better and they have state of the art everything and will hopefully fill in some much needed blanks. 

There will be a team of doctors and I will be doing things you probably won’t ever want to even know about to rid those little monsters from my body. But, it is me…I am an open book…and into details, and I have no shame or filter, so I’m sure you will get to hear all about it. Yay, for you guys! 

So this journey will be trying, hard, ruthless, but I am hopeful that it will make me feel better and get rid of some of the new scary symptoms that are arrising. 

Yes, it is expensive. Yes, I will miss my family dearly. Yes, I know it will be hard. But, God will be there with me and he will provide. He will give me strength and courage that I didn’t even knew I had. He will provide for our family while I am away and he will use me afterwards to inspire, educate, and advocate for this disease and hopefully one day we can find a cure. Maybe not for me, but for my babies or their babies. (If they do end up testing positive) 

So many prayers are welcomed. I know I will struggle. I’m already struggling with the thought of leaving them but then I think about how poor my life has been and how I don’t want my children to see another day of me suffering and I instantly refocus and find my strength. 

I plan on documenting my journey on Facebook, by blogging, and by videos on YouTube. I will always appreciate your support and endless love and I am so gracious for my friends and family. Thank you. 

So, tomorrow will be spent visiting my students. Picking up all my meds. Making something for my students before I leave. Making a list of what to pack. Telling my friends goodbye for now. I don’t know how I will find the energy to do everything that needs to be done from now until we leave, but I know it will get done. Also, it will be one of the last times I have to stare up at that damn fan while I lay trapped in my bed.  Hallelujah! 



2 thoughts on “It’s Official! 

  1. I just saw your video, and it was great! One of the best I’ve seen! I’m so glad to have found you and your blog and I really look forward to following your journey! All the best in your treatment journey starting soon and I hope you enjoy this weekend and get to relax with your family before it all begins! Hugs!


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