What else can happen? 


I know that God can always give us more, but I just would like to say, “You can stop now!” 

This week has been stressful and has made me sicker than a dog. So sick I had to literally crawl to the bathroom last night because my legs wouldn’t hold myself up. So sick, that I was shaking uncontrollably with a fever and I could feel my heart slowing down to the point of…should we go to the ER? Today, I am sick still but I can feel the life slowly returning to my body. I am and will always be thankful for my life no matter what hand I am dealt, please don’t think of me as ungrateful. This week has just been an extremely hard week on me. The sun will continue to rise and set and I will continue on this journey. 

Most of you probably aren’t aware but this week I found out I lost my job for next year. Now, they will tell you are is still being offered but I was cut to half time and can’t even afford to pay my insurance for next year. 

So, since it was said at a public meeting on Monday, I am assuming that I can discuss it on my OWN personal Facebook page that the school board and some other people are proposing that they cut Art to half time and that they are also making a lot of cuts to the grade school too. 

In my opinion, this decision isn’t good for anyone. They are proposing class sizes of 30-35 at the grade school. How can a child learn like this? The high school will also have higher numbers because I will no longer see on average the 160-175 kids a day that I once saw. This decision will compromise student learning and they will suffer greatly from it. 

Obviously, I will suffer. I will suffer because financially this puts a huge strain on our family. We are already up to our eyeballs in medical bills. But, most importantly stress makes my disease amplified (as I mentioned earlier) and I cannot get better if I am stressed! I will also suffer because I love teaching and helping my students! They have taught me things that I can never thank them enough for and hopefully they feel the same about me. 

But, as times change and as the road ahead is uncertain…I know that God is always here for us. I will survive because that’s what I do! I would like to think that there is a reason we have been through so much in the short amount of time in this world, but I don’t have the answers yet. 


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