Awful disease, beautifully written..

What a beautiful well written poem that I can relate to and others should see the suffering. 

We Fight The Chronic Monster
By: Ami Wilber Mosher


You’ve got a monster on your back
A nasty little thing
It stays with you most everyday
And pain is what it brings.
You’ve learned to work around it
This unwelcome little guest
Some days it gnaws and bites at you
Some days it’s just a pest.

It’s hard to do the things you must
With this creature round your neck
For though your spirit’s willing
Your body is a wreck.
You draw a smile on your face
So no one else will see
The pain you live with every day
Of which you’re rarely free.
You know you’ve things you must get done
And life can be insane
With family, work and all the rest
You haven’t time for pain.
You try to learn to live with it
You tell yourself you can
But live next door to agony??
How do you live THAT plan?
But do not ever give up hope
Though times, your struggle’s great.
To suffer with out hope, my friend
Has never been your fate.
You’ll find your’e stronger than you think
A survivor through and through
But don’t forget to take the time
To also care for you.
Over time, You’ll find what works
The things that calm the beast
You’ll learn what soothes that monster
And the pain on which it feasts
We may not find a cure for us And pain…
Our constant guest.
But we can still live our lives As good 

as all the rest!

Perhaps a little slower With a break

or two thrown in
For though we fight pain every day
It’s a fight that we CAN win.



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