What the heck is that thing???

As many of you know my mother also suffers from Lyme disease and it’s also a possibility that P and A could have inherited it from me while I was pregnant with them. So, it’s in our family and there is currently no cure. What’s the next best thing to a cure? 

This contraption. 

This is called a Rife machine. Google it. No joke, this thing will zap the lyme and any other coinfections out if your body faster than taking antibiotics or essential oils. 

Now, my mother made the decision to invest in this 19th century device and it’s probably one of the smartest things she’s ever done. Most people can’t afford to buy one, we couldn’t and most people suffering from lyme with gobs and gobs of bills can’t either, but she was blessed to be able to and I couldn’t be more excited about it. 

And, luckily I happen to know a lady who is nice enough to let me borrow it weekly so I can get off of the antibiotics that have been making me so sick! Don’t get me wrong. I still have to take my heart meds, my adrenal gland meds, other meds, supplements, and vitamins but I am no longer a prisoner of the nasty antibiotic that was causing me so many problems. 

I am hopeful and feel encouraged by my family. I will also be doing an essential oil protocol along with it to hopefully help aid in the destruction of lyme and it’s evil ways, but it’s still not a cure. Hopefully one day there will be and my kids won’t have to suffer like I am or have been for so many many years, and their kids won’t have to suffer. I’m still hopeful. 

I trust that God is helping me become stronger and wiser each day because of this. I am hopeful that our family will be stronger and closer because of this. That we will all become closer to God and have more faith in Him. 


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