Are you sick of me yet? 

I know I have been obsessive about my disease and trying to spread awareness, but it currently has consumed my life. I’m not sorry for being an advocate or for trying to educate. I am a teacher after all. 

This is my life right now. Trying to figure out how to get better. Trying to plan my meals and figure out what I should and shouldn’t put into my body. Support me or don’t support me, that’s your choice. But, it’s also my choice to research and report what I know. 

You can choose to believe that I am really just that sick…or don’t. But, you must choose your decision based upon knowledge not ignorance. 

I don’t need to defend myself to anyone. I also don’t need doubters or non supporters in my life. I’m doing the best I can cooped up in a house while trying to heal. Don’t judge until you have been there or try to imagine what it’s really like for me. 

I’m not catching up on Oprah and eating freaking bon bons over here. It’s hard enough for me to shower or do a load of laundry in a day.

 This is not a vacation…this is a nightmare. And I’m the one dealing with it 24/7. 


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