Occupying my time…

Lately, I’ve become a mad scientist with my essential oils and have made my own roller bottle blends. Mostly for my kids. They have onguard, lavender, and serenity in them with a carrie oil of fractionated coconut or almond oil. I rub it on their feet every night and it helps them to calm down and also keeps them healthy. 

I also have been making creams for myself and for others. Pinterest has great recipes. I made a whipped body butter for night time that is awesome. I put it on after I shower and let it absorb into my skin and I’m ready to hit the pillows. I’ve also made a stretch mark cream that smells so good and is supposed to help with stretch marks. I’ve made my mother in law some psorisis cream and my neighbor lady a salve for her dry cracked hands. It feels so good to be able to help other people! 

I also mix up different types of detox baths with Epsom salt, clay, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and my favorite essential oil. It just depends on my mood. 

This is what I made my mother in law. 

These are the results from the stretch mark cream. 

These are two examples the SM is stretch mark cream and the NT is night time lotion. 

This is one example of the many detox recipes out there to help rid your body of all those toxins. Don’t worry…you won’t smell like vinegar! 

I made this for my son when he started getting scared of monters. “Brave Spray” It has lavender, ongaurd, and water in it. 

These are examples of my roller blends. Love them!!

I made these chapsticks and love them. Each one is either wild Orange, geranium, or peppermint. 


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