Everyone’s dying…

That’s what my hubby always says, uplifting isn’t it? But, he’s right. We all all dying in our own way and eventually it will be our time. However, lately I have wondered is my time sooner than I thought? 

I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself or make anyone sad, but it just seems like my body after years and years of fighting this disease on its own without me even knowing it; is finally shutting down.

 I just got a call yesterday that my liver is not functioning properly and they want to do an ultrasound on it to see if it’s enlarged. Basically to see if I have liver disease. Now, some of you know my love for a good bottle of wine every now and then, but that is usually about four times a year. But even now, I have cut that out completely. So, how could a non-alcoholic have liver disease? Also, my cortisol levels were through the roof which means my stress glands aren’t functioning.

To sum it up: my hearts not pumping like it should so my circulation is bad and my heart is tired, my blood is too thick, my adrenal glands aren’t working, my liver isn’t functioning, my cortisol levels hate me, I have staff infection, my thyroid isn’t functioning properly. I have almost no immune system. And, all because of that shitty little thing called Lyme Disease. 

It’s not completely impossible or dramatic of me to simply ask, am I dying? How much damage is done? Can it all be reversed? What else can I do to help everything function properly? I’m already up to 57 pills a day, along with a nose spray, along with eye drops, and along with the oils. When is enough…enough? 


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