Let’s be honest. 

My blog has been a nice distraction from the fact that I haven’t felt good. It’s therapeutic and fun! But, since I got sick and I haven’t been able to work or really do very much of anything throughout the days…I’ve have become overwhelmed with extreme guilt. 

Guilt because I’m not working and providing, guilt because this disease is so damn expensive, guilt about not being the best mother or wife, guilt about not doing as much housework as I would like, guilt that my babies might be sick because of me, and the list goes on and on. 

I know I need to give it up. Let my guilt and burdens go, and sometimes I do…for awhile anyways. I’ll be honest it’s hard. So while blogging lets me be open and honest with myself and anyone who happens to read it, I still feel like I should be doing more. 

It’s a constant battle and I’m just so tired. I’m going to try and not blame myself and pray a lot about it. But, I’m also going to be proactive and even if I am sick I still want to provide for my family. 

So, wish me luck on my new adventure. As I mentioned before, essential oils are helping me fight this deadly disease and I am so thankful for them and believe in them. 

I started a Facebook page for my oils, and I am hopeful that while I am down that I can still find a way to make a little bit of money on the side. I have never ever sold anything before so I am very new to this, but I know that I believe in them and I am passionate about them so that had got to help. 

Thanks for reading! My FB page is Effingham & Surrounding Area’s Oily Solutions


3 thoughts on “Let’s be honest. 

  1. I share your guilt. And it’s not just us. Society does not look well upon those who are wounded and can no longer participate in the rat race. They see us as not doing our share. They think we sit at home all day and eat bonbons, and the well wish that they didn’t have to work. I’d gladly trade my non-working body for one that works and allows me to fulfill my so-called societal obligations. I’ve received judgment from Doctors, my son’s teachers, my son’s other mother, my family. Most think I’m faking my illness or that I made it up for attention or some other bizarre reason. I hope things go well with your oils. An “outside the box” illness like Lyme and others requires an open mind in order to treat it. Lyme came from the earth and it makes sense that some of the most effective treatments come from the earth; in addition to pharmaceuticals prescribed by a Lyme literate MD. Just yesterday I took my first dose of earthworm castings. Yes, earthworm castings prescribed by my Dr. to break up the biofilm that my parasitic infections are lurking in. Those of us with Lyme live in a parallel universe that requires an enormous amount of self compassion, something I struggle to cultivate daily. Take care.

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    1. Thank you for your honesty! It is the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with and words cannot really portray my heartache for my family. You seem very open minded yourself! I am on one round of abx but then after that it is strictly my oil protocol and rifing. Have you ever tried rifing or oils? The good thing about oils is that most of them break through the biofilms because they are organic and come from nature. That’s why I am so for it. Plus, there won’t be any nasty side effects! Hang in there. Let me know how you do with the castings. An open mind is the best thing we can have right now. You take care too!

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      1. I’ve tried oils and love them, I use them daily. I haven’t tried rifing, don’t know what it is. I’ve heard it mentioned but haven’t explored it because I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t stand the thought of one more thing to have to do.

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