Big things happening in March!

Okay, so obviously March is a big deal because it’s my Birthday month! ; )  I’ve survived another year, literally. But, it’s even a bigger deal this year because during the month of March us “Lymies” and anyone affected by Lyme Disease are promoting awareness by proposing everyone to participate in the “TAKE A BITE OUT OF LYME DISEASE” challenge. 

 The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness and funding for treatment and diagnosis. I pray that this is a huge success and that everyone, including myself will be amazed by what I find out, amazed by peoples’ generosity, and amazed by how much money the organization will raise to help save peoples’ lives. 

 It’s so near and dear to my heart that I encourage everyone and anyone who has been affected by this disease to reach out and take a stance. Nothing will change and nothing will get better if we (everyone) don’t start raising awareness right now. We might not have a cure for me in my lifetime, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to be able to cure P and A if they did end up having it? 

 Here is the link to follow to find out all of the details. They also have sweet shirts you can buy that go straight to the funding. Please help support this cause. Thank you!


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