My usual routine…

I wake up with the family and get the kids ready for daycare. Even though I would love to watch them everyday I just don’t have the strength yet. 😦

Then I drink some nasty heart healing meds and spray meds through my nose for my infections. I then take a handful of pills on an empty stomach and drink my lemon water to help get out all of those nasty toxins.

Then I get to eat breakfast. It’s usually granola with almond milk, gluten free oatmeal, or if I’m feeling really adventurous gluten free bread with an egg. Yahoo! Then another handful of pills. Full stomach this time.

Then I usually have to call a doctor or two, insurance, TRS, you name it and I’m on hold for an hour sometimes before they do or don’t answer my questions. It’s so frustrating that insurance isn’t paying for any of my treatment because they don’t have anything officially published about Chronic Lyne even though 300,000 are diagnosed a year with it by blood tests and people are dying from it.

Then I eat lunch.  Usually one of the three things I ate for breakfast and keep drinking my lemon water. Detox detox detox! Another handful of pills, and a couple more shots of nose spray.

By this time, the meds are working along with the oils and I am feeling sick. When you have Lyme you want to feel sick essentially because that means the Lyme is dying off. However, when it dies off it gets stuck in my body and starts to turn toxic so this is what makes me really sick.

So then in the afternoon I usually lay in bed and read, research, pray, or sleep. Of course with old Gus by my side.

Then my favorite kiddos get home and the hubs and I take care of them while I continue to take handfuls of pills and start feeling worse and worse throughout the night. I usually can’t wait for bedtime. I use some oils on all of us and some that fight off Lyme for me so I still continue feeling sick in the night.

But, all of this is worth it. It’s not my idea of living right now but I know one day when it goes into remission I can be alive and full of energy and healthier than I’ve ever been. My friend K said, “you are going to be one of the skinniest prettiest sick people I know.”

Chronic Lyme disease (the invisible disease externally, but internally I am a mess disease) the disease from hell.


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