I recently stumbled across a music artist named Alisa Turner. She too, suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease and had it for at least 20 years before they ever knew what was really wrong.

Her story gets even sadder. She was sick with constant IV’s and meds for over three years. She was a fighter and music was her outlet.

But, her story gets even sadder. She got pregnant just like me and Lyme causes a lot of miscarriages, birth defects, sick babies in general and her baby boy was very very sick and they knew even before he was born that he wouldn’t make it. She wrote a beautiful song about him before she gave birth a few days prior. She got to hold him and love him for an hour after he was born and then he went to heaven. 

 Imagine her struggles, her loss, but she handled the situation so much more gracefully than I ever could. I encourage you to YouTube all her videos. She has a beautiful voice, grace, and faith that is out of this world.



 This one is about her battle with lyme.

Dear Death 

 This one was about her son. Get the kleenexes ready. 

 Moral of the story, I am so blessed to have two healthy beautiful children that may or may not carry my disease but I could have been like so many others that suffer from Chronic Lyme and had miscarriage after miscarriage or a hard time getting pregnant to begin with. Thank you God for giving me the two best things I have ever done in my life. Knowledge is power so even if they do get sick, we will now know what to look for and how to treat it. Thank you everyone for reading! This is a very emotional time for me…imagine that!


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