Let’s give this a try…

Hello everyone! I know that lately on Facebook I have been posting my updates, Lyme awareness posts, whiny food posts, etc. and frankly I was worried I might begin to become overbearing or annoying so I thought I might try this blogging thing. You have the choice to read or not to read.

Sometimes I might talk about my family, my chronic Lyme disease, my journey to a happy healthy lifestyle, and I think I will be posting quite a few recipes that are healthy and edible, but also ones you can easily make to help yourself and your friends and family with just a few ingredients. For example, lotions, chapstick, soaps, sprays, cleaners, ect. that are healthier and better for you than the stuff I was buying just a few months ago. I will try to keep it light, funny, not preachy, but also a bit educational.

I hope you enjoy. It will keep me busy and hopefully distracted by how bad I am feeling and hopefully will be informative, fun, and entertaining for you.

Love always,


One thought on “Let’s give this a try…

  1. So proud of you. Glad you are choosing to embrace this disease and use it to help, not only yourself, but others in the process. You are amazing. Can’t wait to see where this new voice takes you.
    Love ya.

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